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Big Bend National Park

Create memories of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful and largest desert parks in the world - The Big Bend National Park. Relax on gorgeous trails, go see the new Dinosaur Exhibit, have a lunch and a beer in Boquillos Mexico, and check out the many famous landmarks around the Park.

Terlingua Ghostown

Be where the action is. Meet other travelers from around the world. Celebrate the adventure of the experience. When it comes to the Ghostown, you’ll want to be there. Subscribe for updates on events and check out pics and videos on Facebook. 

Big Bend State Park

With 116 Natural Springs, Wild Longhorns, and Kimberlite trails, the State Park is more of a true desert experience than its sister park, the Big Bend National Park.  The drive alone to get to Park Headquarters is voted and rated top 10 scenic drives in the American Southwest. You've gotta drive the drive--from Lajitas to Redford...its absolutely worth it, 

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